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Participate in the Jillian Michaels Ultimate Parent Sweepstakes for a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid!

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is drawing the attention of many drivers looking to purchase a family-friendly minivan in Cordele, Georgia, and for a good reason! With countless amenities packed onboard, this model has no trouble keeping the entire household happy. If such an experience appeals to you, then you are in luck because you have the possibility to win one for free just by entering the Jillian Michaels Ultimate Parent Sweepstakes!


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So You Want to Go On a Road Trip This Summer?

If you are planning a road trip this summer, make sure you actually plan the trip and don't simply plan to go on a trip. There is a difference. When you plan a trip, you carefully prepare for the trip. You need to do things like take your vehicle to us at Southland Chrysler in Cordele, GA, and let us completely check it out; fluids, belts, tires, and all.

You need to plan for an emergency as well. That is why you should have an emergency road kit with you. It should contain some jumper cables, a flashlight with…

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Car Washes Are Underrated

A car wash is very underrated. Many maintain their vehicle interior. Many people get the mechanical parts checked often here at Southland Chrysler in Cordele, GA, to make sure it runs well. You always need to check your oil. You always need to assess your tires. Have you ever considered just how vital it is to get your car washed regularly?...

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Roadside Emergency Kit: What You Might Need

You wouldn't believe how many people driving the highways and roads aren't close to being prepared for the time when their vehicle may cause them a little trouble and break down on a highway, a street, or a country road. What they didn't plan on was bringing a roadside emergency kit to get them through this hard time.

A roadside emergency kit can help take some of the headache out of a difficult situation. No one expects for their car to break down since many people think their vehicles will always run without any problems...

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Keeping Safe On the Road with Technology in Mind

Technology makes our lives great. But when you're driving, it can hinder your safety. To ensure that you're safe, take on these simple tips that will help you keep safe while on the road.

Keep Your Phone Far Away

Want to reduce the temptation to your technology? Put your phone either in the glove box or in the back seat and set it to mute. Don't have your phone near you, and it won't be a problem. Out of sight, out of mind, is the adage that works here...

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2017 Chrysler Pacifica Manages to Pack in the Most Utility in its Class

Having only made its world debut last calendar year, our team at Southland Chrysler didn't expect the Chrysler Pacifica to be such a game-changer for the minivan market segment. And yet, just as quickly as it succeeded the late Chrysler Town & Country, the Pacifica has become a hit among families and critics alike for its blend of performance, driver and passenger safety, and most importantly, utility. As a result, the Pacifica was the perfect model to be honored with the 2017 North American Utility of the Year Award - the second time that any minivan has received the honor...

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2017 Jeep Compass Continues to Elevate the Crossover

Over the past several years, the Jeep brand has been increasing the profile of the crossover in their model lineup. First, it was the Cherokee, which changed the perception of drivers about what a CUV could do off-road. Then came the Renegade, and now, the 2017 Jeep Compass—an all new model that combines the outgoing model with the Patriot.

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2018 Dodge Demon SRT Continues to Tease Us

If there’s one thing that Dodge is good at, it’s one upping itself. So when the Challenger SRT Hellcat debuted in 2015, we thought that was it. There was no way that the Auburn Hills automaker could out do a 707 horsepower muscle car. Little did we know, the automaker was working on a variant that would make the Hellcat look almost bourgeois.

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